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car alarm installation pearland tx

Car Alarm Installation in Pearland

Car Alarms by Viper and Prestige

Don't let your car become the next stolen vehicle statistic! Equip it with the latest in car security from VIPER. Have a remote starter installed and say goodbye to the stifling heat of a closed up car. Keyless entry systems are available too.

Remote Car Starters by Viper and Prestige

Let us perform your remote car starter installation and say goodbye to the stifling heat of a closed up car. Keyless entry systems are available, too!

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LifeSafer® Interlock Installation & Monitoring

If you've been court-ordered to have a breathalyzer installed, we can set you up. We realize this might not be the accessory you were wanting, but we'll install it properly so you'll have no hassles related to the equipment and can get on with your life.

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car remote start and alarm shop pearland tx
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4 Benefits of Having a Car Alarm System

Whether for your personal or a corporate vehicle, any car can benefit from the protection of a car alarm system. Don't wait until it could be too late!

  • Having a car security system will keep your mind at ease no matter where you have your car parked or stored.

  • An alarm activating will scare off any potential criminals and help protect your personal belongings as well as your vehicle.

  • A full car security system will also ensure quick recovery of your vehicle in the case that it is stolen due to the tracking functionality.  

  • Aside from all of these added benefits of having a car alarm, you can also reap the benefits of having a reduced rate on your car insurance premium. Most if not all insurance companies will offer a discount on your insurance for having an active car alarm or car security system in place. Make sure you give them a call and let them know once you are all set!

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"Excellent work! They have installed a few things for me. They always get it right, and if not, they are happy to correct it!"


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